7 Tips to Increase Your Revenue with CAS

A Guide to Growing Your Client Accounting Services Practice

Growing your client accounting services (CAS) practice can be challenging. Being a reliable provider isn’t enough for today’s environment. With the increase of remote work and digital transformation, competition is only getting tougher. Simply reducing your rates compared to the other guy just isn’t a profitable business model. If you want to increase revenue for your CAS practice you need to rethink your entire strategy. That’s why we are providing a free eBook on how you can increase your revenue with CAS! Let’s get started.

Download the free eBook:

7 Tips to Increase Your Revenue with Client Accounting Services 

What you will learn:

  • How to find a niche for your CAS practice.
  • How to create a growth plan for scaling.
  • Why you need to think like a general manager as a CAS leader.
  • How to create your sales and marketing plan.
  • How to find a staffing model that works for your practice.
  • How to document and standardize your processes.
  • How to identify trends and plan accordingly.

About the author

Edward D. Warren, MBA

Edward D. Warren, MBA

Business Development Director

Ed is an accomplished sales executive with over 15 years of professional services sales and marketing experience. He’s worked for Allinial Global and RSM Alliance member firms and serves on the board of the Association of Accounting Marketing.

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