Our Partnership Agreement

Committed to Being Your Outsourcing Partner

You want to outsource but not sure who to choose? We are your outsourcing partner committed to taking your business headaches away.

Not being able to solve this resource need adds stress and anxiety to your day.

Is all that anxiety worth it when trying to deliver solutions to clients?

We understand this and have worked for the past 10 years with our partner-clients to deliver talent at affordable rates.

Without a good overseas outsourcing partner will you experience shrinking margins and miss out on large projects you can’t staff for? Will your competitors beat you and put you out of business?   Will you not be able to deliver on time and lose clients?

We don’t want to see this outcome for you. We would like to partner with you to see you grow and thrive.

Core Commitments


With over 10 years of experience and learning what our partners value, we have established these core commitments to our partners.

We, as your outsourcing partner, resolve to:

1 Be Discreet

We do not post your logo, name, or information online.

2 Be Secure

We treat your information, data, and processes as proprietary and valuable. We do not allow any data to leave our facilities and lock down our facilities from enabling resources to share outside of them.

3 Be Responsive
We value communication often and quickly. We respond rapidly to your needs and address any issues you may have.

4 Bill Flat Rates
You never receive bills for hours or overages. Your bill is the same every single month.

5 value your team
Our employees are treated well and ethically. They are paid great wages and enjoy a safe and enriching work environment. By outsourcing, you are making a positive impact on the lives of many and their families

Our partnership together will transform your business from challenges with resources and cost to a thriving team with more money.

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